Sr. Advisor Scenario Development

In 2016 Sander Boon joint Veocy's scenario development team. Sander has co-founded Symetrics in 2014, which is a software and consulting company specializing in building risk analytics and scenario software.

In 2012 Sander published his book ‘De geldbubbel’ (The Money Bubble), a book about the interrelation between history, politics, economics and the monetary system. In 2007 together with a well- known journalist/fund manager Willem Middelkoop, Sander worked on a bestseller “The Big Reset” about the shaky foundations of the financial and monetary system. From 2006 till 2010, he worked on a weekly newsletter about geopolitics, the monetary system, financial markets and the credit crisis. Sander regularly publishes articles in the media.

As a graduate of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, he has worked at political think tanks, specializing in monetary, financial, and economic topics. In 2003 Sander co-founded the Frédéric Bastiat foundation, a think tank disseminating free market thinking and a sound monetary system.

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