Sr. Advisor Project Development Infrastructure Projects

Chris Schomper (MBA) holds since 2009 the position of Director Business Development and Project Director for A Hak International, with a main focus on the Middle East and Russia for Oil and Gas. During this time he has been largely working from the Dubai office on projects in Iraq. He has a wide-range of experience in infrastructure related projects, with a focus on pipelines onshore and offshore.

He is working for all major oil and gas companies in the Middle East, including NOCs and IOCs such as Shell, BP, Gazprom. Projects concluded are Leighton/SOC pipeline project FAO Island (Iraq), Shell Iraq oil pipeline, Zubair oil field and DS1 Majoon oil field. During the same time he has been working on a wide-range of other projects, supporting clients upstream-midstream and downstream in EMEA region.

Before joining A-Hak International, he held several other positions, such as managing director of A Hak Industrial Services, which was a part of Union Carbide till 1990. The latter had offices all over Europe and Middle East South Africa and the USA. A-Hak Industrial Services, which is still part of, is a multidisciplinary services company, providing cleaning and services to pipelines, furnaces, intelligent pigging with ultrasonic. Main focus area are shutdowns at Shell Hycon, Dow, ICI, Total ,and offshore testing of all pipework's of platforms. He holds an MBA of the University of London (Harvard Degree), while being educated as an engineer, HTS BSc.

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