Tracking/alerting, risk rating and analysis by teams on the ground, disseminated via a mobile platform

Tracking/alerting, risk rating and analysis specific to the African continent. In this region we provide NGOs, governments, security agencies and businesses with stability ratings of a region, a nation or a group of countries. Events and incidents are captured by teams on the ground, summarized, analyzed and disseminated the Shield & Alert mobile platform.

Shield & Alert (S&A) takes the data and the due diligence performed on the desktop platform and deploys it into the mobile world for IMMEDIATE access to critical information. In addition, it leverages crowd sourcing to enhance tracking. It is truly your eyes and ears on the ground so you are informed of risk around you.

As additional and optional features S&A provides you with the ability to register your travel itinerary, and if in distress you can send a distress signal to your Manager, colleagues, security team, and even family and friends, if you wish so. Such alert system allows the recipient of the distress to identify you exact GPS location, if and when enabled.

The Must-Have Travel Security Companion and available for iOS and Android platforms.



S&A Premium provides coverage in the area of interest to you. Whether you just landed at a local airport for business, you have been assigned as a diplomat, you are an expatriate, or an academic.

S&A immediately informs you of critical incidents that have occurred or are occurring within your selected radius based on your GPS location. An alarm sound is available for specific profiles.

Critical incidents include terrorism, security and enforcement operations, major criminal activities, riots, public demonstrations, major social disruptions, etc.



Crowd-sourcing feature to report incidents either for public broadcast or for private corporate networks.

A reporting form is provided to registered users. Events are categorized according to taxonomy and the incidents submitted through this process, undergo a rapid Administrator review before being released as ‘Third-Party Report.’

Premium users can direct the incident only to their organization to keep corporate information private or they can share it with the broad user network and make the event public.



Register your travel dates in advance or simply tell the App you want to be covered.

Write a specific message in case you need immediate assistance.

Register your emergency contact numbers (company security, manager, supervisor, relatives, parents, etc).

If you need immediate assistance, push the HELP button and an instant message will be broadcast to your contact list.
Your message will include your exact GPS location.


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