Up-to-minute listings and analysis of key events via a live geo-mapping. Latest information by people on the ground

We offer tracking/alerting, risk rating and analysis specific to the African continent. In this region we provide NGOs, governments, security agencies and businesses with stability ratings of a region, a nation or a group of countries. Events and incidents are captured by teams on the ground, summarized, analyzed and disseminated. Our Trackers use personal and public sources and incidents are submitted to the Regional Moderating Analyst.

In simple terms, we are your eyes and ears in Africa. We track incidents and events that constitute a threat to stability and security, information that we deliver through our desktop (CIncidents Tracker) and mobile platforms (Shield & Alert), enhanced with analyses, reports and consulting.

We maintain an active presence across Africa, with representations at regional management level in Algiers, Cairo, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cotonou, etc. From these locations (and expanding), our regional leaders manage teams of trackers and analysts scattered across the continent.

In addition to CIncidents and the set of analytics and raw data access, we offers custom and syndicated research that provides clients with a set of written reports and briefings delivered on a scheduled basis. Each region offers periodical analysis and a set of adhoc alerts.

"Latest information

Critical Incidents Tracker provides up-to-minute listings and analysis of key events via a live geo-mapping platform and on-the-ground analysts reachable almost instantaneously. The visual interface is enhanced through a set of analytical tools providing a greater degree of intelligence on what countries are facing in dealing with an unstable environment.

Each incident is rated based on its severity and impact on stability (Taxonomy available upon request), with reports including the outcome of events in the form of collateral damage such as deaths, wounded, and arrests, if any. The end result is not only a sophisticated visual interface as shown in the image below, but also, and more importantly, a set of analytical reports that leverage the reported data and transform the statistics into risk ratings.

This desktop platform is built with the Risk Analyst in mind. It consists of a set of tools that combines a cloud-based database, a live feed into a geo-mapping user interface, a set of analytics, a series of alerts and a set of analyst reports. Below are some of the key features of Critical Incidents Tracker (CIncidents Tracker). 


Users have the ability to visualize incidents as soon as on-the-ground Trackers see them. The Trackers use all their personal and public sources available to identify issues and submit them to a Regional Moderating Analyst before releasing them to clients. Some of what they report may even be rumors, which are reported as such. The user interface is a live map that is fed from a continuously updated database of incidents, stored and secured in our datacenter infrastructure located in Utah and Los Angeles.


Our database capabilities provide us with a new way of looking at risk and country stability. We use a combination of science and art, bringing together a series of analytics and intelligence to comprehend events in a more objective way, essentially using statistics.

In addition to the pre-built and interactive charts, we allow users to download the data in its raw format either as CSV or in the form of Microsoft’s Excel.


We make a series of choropleth and heat maps available to users, providing an immediate visualization of risks. These are interactive maps that can be queried, downloaded and shared. More sophisticated interactive mapping capabilities showcasing heat maps are in development and will be released.


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