Ensure that you hold your future in your own hands and prepare for an uncertain future

For multi-national entities the world has become increasingly diffuse, incoherent and very complex. Investment decisions and/or trade have to be assessed on a multitude of different levels, taking into account not only market, economical and technical challenges, but also politics, culture, religious and increasingly internal and external power constellations. The current developments in the MENA region necessitate a new approach, as the knowledge of yesterday or in-country-experience or operations, are not anymore sufficient to address future challenges.

“We have to think above and beyond insider knowledge of the particular power play of governments, non-state actors, royal families, investment companies and sovereign wealth funds.”

Forward-looking approaches are critical to frame strategies and prepare for the unforeseen challenges in a dynamic, interconnected and global world, in which we are confronted by ever-changing economic, social and political environments. A world of ‘Geopolitical Recession’, in which multilateralism and the rule-based international order are under pressure, and technologies and new international and non-state actors have the potential to be real geostrategic game changers.

“How can organizations ensure that they hold their future in their own hands? What must they do to better prepare for an uncertain future and tackle new complex challenges?”

Strategic Foresight, when used in a systematic and inclusive manner, can be a very effective tool to identify the forces and factors that drive global changes, anticipate threats and mitigate risks, and identify opportunities to influence the course of events. Navigating countries, institutions, companies and people through a fast-changing global environment is an enormous task.

Strategic foresight helps to inform and support strategic decision-making, in particular when national governments and international organisations get ready to take decisions with far-reaching strategic consequences.

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