Develop and execute unique approaches that are effective in a multi-stakeholder environment

Strategic Market & Project development in the Middle East and North Africa often requires a thorough understanding of the regional, national and local strategies and dynamics. Many large organisations and companies today are linked to sovereign state revenue and expenditures, are (partly) financed by public investment vehicles or are an extension of national diversification programs. 

The governments have decided to change their economic development model as the state-led approach relies too much on revenue form natural resources.The state-led approach which relied upon natural resources successfully raised incomes from developing to developed country levels in a little over a generation. However, that model is no longer appropriate as it is undermined by oil dependence, a lack of workforce diversity and skills, a growing need for public services and utilities, and insufficient innovation.  Most GCC states are already using private-sector participation, but have wielded it tactically and ad hoc. As a result, they have not tapped its full potential. Instead, a comprehensive strategic program of public–private-partnerships and privatization initiatives that covers all major sectors of the economy is planned to support the  country’s position and wealth ambitions.

This forces organizations that operate in key sectors to develop and execute unique approaches that are effective in a multi-stakeholder environment where the various stakeholders have both common but often their own unique interests, drivers, incentives and unmet needs. 

Verocy experts have decades of experience in strategic market and project development in key sectors and has developed a successful methods that is able to maximize success rate in complex and dynamic markets. If you are interested to learn more  about our proven approaches, please contact us.  


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